"What Would Gus Want?" is the fourth episode of the first series of The Dumping Ground. It premiered of the 25 January 2013.


Mike tells Gus that he has found a lesbian couple who are interested in fostering him. While Gus is tied between leaving the Dumping Ground and going to live with a new family, Johnny is opposed to Gus being fostered under the view that gay couples should not be allowed to have children. What will Gus decide?





  • This episode marks the final appearance of Gus Carmichael; although he still appears in the opening titles in Series 1.
  • In this episode, it is shown Johnny doesn't approve of lesbian couples. It is unknown whether he approves of gays, however.
  • Tee and Johnny have another fight.
  • This episode was nominated for, and won "Best Children's Comedy Script" at the "2013 Writers' Guild of Great Britain Awards."
  • This is the third and final time Gus is not seen wearing his Navy shirt and yellow trousers.
  • In The Dumping Ground, it is first time "Hayfever" and "Blowing" are mentioned.
  • Gus' new foster parents are the first lesbians of the series, second being May-Li Wang.

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