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About People To Be Free And To Experience The Wikia And To Help Me Build On My Favourite Show The Dumping Ground. On April 23, 2017, this Wikia marked it's one year anniversary! Hopefully, we will revive this wikia soon!

The Dumping Ground

The Dumping Ground is currently on it's fifth series. They have just finished airing the 5A series as we just said goodbye to Kazima Tako. They will be airing the 5B series in September later this year. Most likely, Taz Cotton will be the latest and only main character to join in the 5B series. At the end of the series, it is confirmed that former characters, Elektra Perkins and Frank Matthews will be making guest appearances. It is rumoured that THE Tracy Beaker will also be making a guest appearance. This is currently the thirteenth series of the Tracy Beaker Franchise. They have just began filming the sixth series of The Dumping Ground. The seventh series has been confirmed and will be filming in some time in 2018.

To Do List

Please Complete These Tasks For This Wiki!

* Please Make Infoboxes.

* Please Invite New Users.

* Please Do The Plot & Bonus Scenes For Each Episodes.

* Please Drop In On My Message Wall To Tell Me An Idea Of A New Project To Build On.

* Please Add Pages You Think Are Necessary For The Show "The Dumping Ground".

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