The fifth series has concluded airing it's first half of the series, 5A. It's first half - 5A (consisting of 12 episodes) premiered on January 20, 2017, and concluded on March 31, 2017. Then 5B (also consisting of 12 episodes) will air in late September later in the year, and finishing the series in December; with former cast members (like Tracy, Elektra & Frank) rumoured to return for a special episode. This series was filmed from January 29, 2016 until September 9, 2016.

All the longest standing residents, Harry Jones, Carmen Howle and Tee Taylor don't appear in this series, as well Mo Michaels. Bailey Wharton and Mischief departed after the conclusion of Episode 2 (Back in the Game). After, getting into a Football squad in a college, Mischief is Bailey's dog and he takes him along. According to reports, Tyler Lewis is likely to leaving this series due to him possibly living with his mum or the fact that he is over the age limit of 16. Kazima Tako left on the episode, Farvel. She left due to her Dad wanting her to go and live with him and her brother in Denmark. This series has also seen two newcomers, they are: Candi–Rose Smith and Alex Matthews who joined in the episode The Fairytale Princess (Episode 4) and Belief (Episode 8) respectively. Taz Cotton is likely (rumoured) to be joining in the premiere episode of Series 5B (Series 5 Episode 13) which is a current unnamed episode.

A Series 6 and 7 have been confirmed. Series 6 has not been filmed but is still likely to begin airing in Janaury 2018. There has been no confirmed changes to the cast.


Main Cast

Connor Byrne as Mike Milligan

Miles Butler–Hughton as Tyler Lewis

Kia Pegg as Jody Jackson

Sarah Rayson as Floss Guppy

Stacy Liu as May-Li Wang

Lewis Hamilton as Ryan Reeves

Gwen Currant as Billie Trent

Nelly Currant as Toni Trent

Ruben Reuter as Finn MacLaine

Annabelle Davis as Sasha Bellman

Hannah Moncur as Chloe Reeves

Yousef Naseer as Joseph Stubbs

Jethro Baliba as Archie Able

Carma Hylton as Candi–Rose Smith (From Episode 4)

Connor Lawson as Alex Matthews (From Episode 8)

Akuc Bol as Kazima Tako (Until Episode 12)

Jasmine Uson as Taz Cotton (From Episode ??)

Recurring Cast

Alexander Aze as Dexter Bellman

Simon Ludders as Peter Umbleby

 Alison Pargeter as Janet Umbleby

 Jamie Bourbezari as Edward Umbleby

Kasey McKellar as Bailey Wharton (Until Episode 2)

Sage as Mischief (Until Episode 2)


Part A

  1. Miscreants, Robots and Bullies
  2. Back in the Game
  3. One Giant Leap
  4. The Fairytale Princess
  5. Sittin' in a Tree
  6. Faking It
  7. Sasha Bellman P.I.
  8. Belief
  9. Vox Populi
  10. Free
  11. The Wardrobe
  12. Farvel

Part B

Part B will air from late September until early December.

  1. Episode 13
  2. Episode 14 
  3. Episode 15
  4. Episode 16
  5. Episode 17
  6. Episode 18
  7. Episode 19
  8. Episode 20
  9. Episode 21
  10. Episode 22
  11. Episode 23
  12. Episode 24

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