The third series saw six new cast members. This series was split into half, 3A, and 3B, with ten episodes in each part.


Connor Byrne as Mike Milligan

Amy–Leigh Hickman as Carmen Howle

Mia McKenna–Bruce as Tee Taylor

Phillip Graham Scott as Harry Jones

Miles Bulter–Hughton as Tyler Lewis

Kia Pegg as Jody Jackson

Sarah Rayson as Floss Guppy

Reece Buttery as Mo Michaels

Stacy Liu as May-Li Wang

Kasey McKellar as Bailey Wharton

Akuc Bol as Kazima Tako

Lewis Hamilton as Ryan Reeves (From Episode 2)

Gwen Currant as Billie Trent (From Episode 3)

Nelly Currant as Toni Trent (From Episode 3)

Ruben Reuter as Finn MacLaine (From Episode 9)

Joe Maw as Johnny Taylor (Until Episode 10)

 Annabelle Davis as Sasha Bellman (From Episode 11)

Recurring Characters

Sage as Mischief (From Episode 4)


Part A

  1. Party Games (Law and Disorder - Part 1)
  2. Grand Theft DG (Law and Disorder - Part 2)
  3. Stuck with You
  4. Mischief
  5. Now You See Me
  6. It's Not About The Money
  7. Fake It To Make It
  8. Breaking In
  9. Long Way Home
  10. Dragon Slayer

Part B

  1. Three Days (New Girl - Part 1)
  2. Free to Good Home (New Girl - Part 2)
  3. Better Than You
  4. Who Are You?
  5. Where Is Love?
  6. The Goodbye Girl
  7. Something Borrowed
  8. What Matters?
  9. Coming Round
  10. Refuge