The first series of the The Dumping Ground, (the spin off of the former show Tracy Beaker Returns), premiered on January 4th, 2013 with two episodes, an hour long. On March 15, 2013, they aired two episodes back to back an hour long, but they were not special episodes. This series marked the final appearances of Elektra Perkins & Gina Conway. Dani Harmer (Tracy Beaker) and Saffron Coomber (Sapphire Fox) were the only two from the precceded show, Tracy Beaker Returns not to return; this also saw newcomer Leanne Dunstan (Faith Davis) join the cast on the first episode. On Episode 6, Floss Guppy became the newest and youngest member of The Dumping Ground Cast. Oh, Mo! marked the first appearance of Mo Michaels. This was also the fifth and final series to feature Elmtree House as the Care Home (Location).


Connor Byrne as Mike Milligan

Kay Purcell as Gina Conway

Chris Slater as Frank Matthews

Joe Maw as Johnny Taylor

Amy–Leigh Hickman as Carmen Howle

Mia McKenna–Bruce as Tee Taylor

Phillip Graham Scott as Harry Jones

Jessie Williams as Lily Kettle (Absent Episode 8 and 10)

Jessica Revell as Elektra Perkins

Daniel Pearson as Rick Barber

Miles Butler–Hughton as Tyler Lewis

Kia Pegg as Jody Jackson

Leanne Dunstan as Faith Davis (Absent Episode 9)

Sarah Rayson as Floss Guppy (From Episode 6; Absent Episode 11)

Reece Buttery as Mo Michaels (From Episode 10)

Noah Marullo as Gus Carmichael (Until Episode 5; Absent Episode 3)


  1. Home Alone (Freedom - Part 1)
  2. Liberty in the DG (Freedom - Part 2)
  3. Baby
  4. S.O.S
  5. What Would Gus Want?
  6. The Real Faith Davis
  7. The Truth Is Out There
  8. Dreamland
  9. A Day in the Past
  10. Oh, Mo!
  11. Seriously Funny
  12. Esme
  13. Scary Beasts