Michael "Mike" Milligan MBE is a main character in The Dumping Ground. He is the Head Care Worker at Ashdene Ridge and is often put in awkward situations by some of The Dumping Ground kids. He has been a main character since the start of the Tracy Beaker Franchise. He appeared for the first series of The Story of Tracy Beaker, took a three series long absence and is currently on his tenth series long run.


Mike is a very kind and generous person. He cares about all of the kids that get put under his care and strives to help them in any way possible. Mike is also very stressed, as he is put under a lot of pressure to keep the Dumping Ground kids out of trouble, which doesn't always prove to be the easiest of tasks.

Physical Appearance

Mike wears quite relaxed clothes. He usually wears a t-shirt with an un-buttoned shirt over it. He occasionally wears glasses around his neck, which he uses when he is working on a computer.


Before the Show

Mike has been a care worker for a very long time, having previously worked at Stowey House with Tracy Beaker.

Series 1


Series 2


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Series 4


Series 5



  • He is the longest running character in the Tracy Beaker series, and the longest running character in The Dumping Ground; with Tyler Lewis and Jody Jackson.
  • Mike acts as a father figure to many characters by always being there when their families can't.
  • In Series 1 of TSOTB, he was a normal Care Worker. Then in Series 5 of the show, he was acting Head Care Worker; before becoming the official Head Care Worker. He continued his role from TBR.
  • His last name is regularly mistaken as "mulligan".
  • He left on the first series of TSOTB, to become an emergency replacement at a different care home.


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