A Day in the PastAges (Kids)Alex Walker
Archie AbleAshdene RidgeBaby
Back in the GameBailey WhartonBe My Girl
Bear-Faced LiarBeliefBetter Than You
Billie TrentBreaking InCandi–Rose Smith
Carmen HowleCharlieChloe Reeves
Choose Your Own AdventureComing RoundDexter Bellman
Doris (character)Doris (episode)Dragon Slayer
DreamlandEdward UmblebyElektra Perkins
ElmTree HouseEnduranceEsme
Face the MusicFaith DavisFake It To Make It
Faking ItFarvelFinding Frank
Finn McLaineFirst Past the PostFloss Guppy
Floss Guppy/GalleryFloss the FoundlingFrank Matthews
FreeFree to Good HomeG.I. Johnny
Getting To Know YouGina ConwayGrand Theft DG
Growing PainsGus CarmichaelHarry Jones
Hold the Front PageHolding OnHome Alone
Hope (episode)Hope TaylorHow to Be Perfect
I Have a DreamIt's Not About the MoneyIt Takes Two
Janet UmblebyJody JacksonJody in Wonderland
Johnny TaylorJonah KettleJoseph Stubbs
Kazima TakoKeithKick Off
Liam O'DonovanLiberty in the DGLily Kettle
List of The Dumping Ground episodesLost and FoundLucy Taylor
Making WavesMay-Li WangMegan
Mike MilliganMischiefMischief (episode)
Miscreants, Robots and BulliesMo MichaelsNow You See Me
Oh, Mo!One For SorrowOne Giant Leap
Party GamesPerfect MatchPeter Umbleby
QuittersRefugeRick Barber
Risky BusinessRyan ReevesS.O.S
Sally LewisSamSammy Doyle
Sasha BellmanSasha Bellman P.I.Scary Beasts
Series 1Series 2Series 3
Series 4Series 5Series 5 Episode 15
Series 5 Episode 16Series 5 Episode 17Series 5 Episode 18
Series 5 Episode 19Series 5 Episode 20Series 5 Episode 21
Series 5 Episode 22Series 5 Episode 23Series 5 Episode 24
Series 6Series 7Series of Characters
Seriously FunnyShannaySittin' in a Tree
Something BorrowedStepping UpSteve Kettle
Sticks and StonesStuck with YouSubmarine
SurvivorsTaz CottonTee Taylor
The BarbecueThe Dumping Ground/GalleryThe Dumping Ground (show)
The Dumping Ground ExperienceThe Dumping Ground I'm....The Dumping Ground Series 1–5 Wikia
The End of It AllThe Fairytale PrincessThe Goodbye Girl
The Long Way HomeThe Real Faith DavisThe Story of Tracy Beaker
The Truth Is Out ThereThe WardrobeThey Walk Among Us
Three DaysToni TrentTracy Beaker
Tracy Beaker (Franchise) – Previous ShowsTracy Beaker FranchiseTracy Beaker Returns
Tracy Beaker Returns/GalleryTrollTwo Camps
Two For JoyTyler LewisVox Populi
What Matters?What Would Gus Want?Where Is Love?
Who Are You?
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File:A Day in the Past (1).pngFile:Baby (1).jpgFile:Be My Girl (1).png
File:Carmen (1).pngFile:Dani-Harmer-Tracy-Beaker-06.jpgFile:Dragon Slayer (1).png
File:Dreamland (1).pngFile:Elaine boyack.pngFile:Elmtree house.jpg
File:Endurance (2).pngFile:Endurence (1).jpgFile:Esme.png
File:Example.jpgFile:Experience (1).pngFile:Face the Music (1).jpg
File:Face the Music (2).pngFile:Finding Frank (1).pngFile:G.I. Johnny (1).png
File:Grand Theft DG (1).pngFile:Holding On (1).jpgFile:Holding On (2).png
File:Home Alone (1).pngFile:Home Alone (2).pngFile:HopeE (1).jpg
File:HopeE (2).pngFile:Hqdefault.jpgFile:I Have a Dream (1).jpg
File:I Have a Dream (2).pngFile:Image-0.jpegFile:Image-0.jpg
File:Image.jpgFile:ImagesCAU4E4LX.jpgFile:Jody In Wonderland (1).png
File:Jody in Wonderland (2).pngFile:Kazimabotchwey.pngFile:Kick Off (1).jpg
File:Kick Off (2).pngFile:Liberty In The DG (1).jpgFile:Liberty In The Dg.jpg
File:Liberty in the DG (2).pngFile:Mikemilligan.jpgFile:MischiefE (1).png
File:Now You See Me (1).pngFile:Oh, Mo! (1).pngFile:P01jwl1j.jpg
File:P01sn6ww.jpgFile:P04vg5c5.jpgFile:Party Games (1).png
File:Quitters (1).jpgFile:Quitters (2).pngFile:RC the dumping ground baileys best bits-index.jpg
File:Ryan (1).pngFile:S.O.S (1).pngFile:SAPPHIRE-tracy-beaker-returns-18277895-320-180.jpg
File:Scary Beasts (1).pngFile:Screenshot (6565).pngFile:Series 1.png
File:Series 2.pngFile:Sticks and Stones (1).jpgFile:Sticks and Stones (2).png
File:Stuck with You (1).pngFile:Tee Taylor.pngFile:Th.jpg
File:Th (4).jpgFile:The Barbecue (1).jpgFile:The Barbecue (2).png
File:The Real Faith Davis (1).jpgFile:The Truth is Out There (1).pngFile:Three Days (1).png
File:Tracy-beaker-returns onward journey image bid.pngFile:Uktv dani harmer 1.jpgFile:What Would Gus Want (1).jpg

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