"Liberty in the DG" is the second episode of The Dumping Ground and the second part of the hour long special titled "Freedom". It first premiered on 4 January 2013.


Still Home Alone; The Dumping Ground Kids find the food supply is exhausted, and they need to buy more. Meanwhile, Elektra tries to earn herself a free trip to Australia.





  • This is the last time Mr. Hamster is mentioned.
  • So far, this is the first and only time to have footage cut on it's original broadcast.
  • During filming this episode, Philip Graham Scott (Harry) actually got stuck at the top of the bouncy castle as it was being re–inflated for a take.
  • There were two alternative startings for this episode, one being Gus receives a message on his phone from Mike; which was the cut starting of the episode. The broadcast shows, when Jody and Harry get off the bouncey castle and head to the kitchen.


  • When Jody yells at Harry "I'm higher than you", the subtitles identify her as "Boy:" instead of "Jody:"
  • Look closely at the e-mail Faith looks up on the computer screen, and you can see that the word application is spelt "applicatdion".
  • It is unknown why Lily (or none of the other kids) suggested going to Steve's (Lily's Dad) flat for food.