Frank Matthews was a character on The Dumping Ground, for the first two seasons. He has a disability which is cerebral palsy. He was portrayed by Chris John Slater. He will be making a guest appearance in the final episode in Series 5.


Frank Matthews loves football and scams. He is a caring guy. He did get caught up with trouble in Series 2, but met Kazima Tako. He then moved back to the TDG, after leaving for 4 episodes and having a rough time in that duration of time.


  1. He loved football.
  2. He was best friends with Liam.
  3. Frank had a disability.
  4. Matthews made a guest appearance on the episode, Refuge; Series 3 finale. It is likely he will be making a guest appearance on the finale episode of the fifth series, alongside Elektra Perkins, Tracy Beaker and possibly with Rick Barber.
  5. Frank was 17 when he guest starred on the finale of the third series; Refuge.
  6. He and Rick were frenemies.