"Dreamland" is the seventh episode of the first season of The Dumping Ground. It premiered on the 15th February 2013.


Rick's father shows up to tell Rick that he has changed his ways. Elsewhere, Gina brings her mother to the Dumping Ground.





  • Second and final appearance of Jade.
  • Final mention of Greg.
  • Rick's Dad "Gerry" is only named on the outro credits.
  • Gina's mother "Hattie" is the second person in the Tracy Beaker Franchise to have a memory affecting condition, first being, Jackie's Grandad (Jack Hopper).
  • Crystal Days (the song) can be heard on one of Rick's vinyl.
  • Lily Kettle (Jesse Williams) was absent this episode.


  • When Rick is having an argument with his Dad from the window, when Rick's Dad says "Not til we have this out" the subtitles read it as "till" not "til".

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