"Choose Your Own Adventure" is the thirteenth episode of the fifth series and the eightieth episode overall of The Dumping Ground. It will premiere on October 13, 2017, as the first episode of Series 5B.

Ashdene Ridge is quiet, a little too quiet. With the YP acting like zombies focussed solely on their laptops, phones and tablets, Mike has had enough. He imposes a tech ban, much to the protests of the YP. This most offends Floss - the computer game Fable Scape was her life. Floss' boredom grows agonizingly by the minute as she pleads with May-Li for something to do. Handed a book, 'The Gang Go Adventuring', Floss is hesitant but is soon sucked into a world of castles, smugglers and secret passageways. Invigorated, to find an adventure for herself, Floss sets out but soon hits a dead end. Downhearted, Floss' adventure then takes an unexpected turn when she finds a disused bunker in the DG garden copse. 

With Jeff the Giraffe for company she descends into the underground bunker, but adventure turns to danger when the door slams behind her - Floss is trapped, alone and has no means of contacting the YP. The rest of the YP soon discover Floss has gone missing and scramble to find her. Alex returns having been the last to see her and leads a search party. Floss is rescued and Alex is the hero. Having recovered from the experience, Floss decides that she and Alex should be BFFs, not something he is overly keen on. Floss leaves Jeff in Alex's room, a gift for her new best friend. 

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