Bailey 'Bail' Wharton, was a fictional character from The Dumping Ground, who first appeared in 'Kick-Off, which is the first episode of Series 2. He got dumped in care, due to setting his flat on fire, after leaving the toaster on for too long. Bailey is shown to be a rude, and mischievous character who doesn't take likely to bullies. In his time at Ashdene Ridge, Bailey had suffered bulling and racism, which makes him the experienced character of the Tracy Beaker franchise. Wharton has made lots of friends and enemies in his years in care. His character is a lot similar to Tracy Beaker, as they have same aspects for the future. They both have also made frenemies, who don't take them for who they are- (Johnny Taylor and Justine Littlewood).

Series 5 saw the departure of Bailey, as he went to the USA, to become a football trainer. As of this, he is a former character. However, he more likely to return for a very special episode of Series 5, alongside, Tracy Beaker, Elektra Perkins and Frank Matthews.



Before coming to care, Bailey used to live with his father and mother in a small flat near, Newcastle. Jimmy (Mr Wharton), used to go to parties, to get drunk, leaving his wife to look after her son by herself. Soon, three days later, Bailey's mum had enough, of taking care of Bailey herself, and announced, she'll be leaving. Jimmy went drunk and smacked and hit her, which led her to finally leave the next day, making Jimmy cross. A year later, Jimmy got more and more drunk and hurt Bailey in painful ways. A few years later, when Bailey was 14, he asked his dad lots of questions about his mother. Jimmy didn't like answering his questions and the next day, Bailey accidentally set fire to his flat, causing his social worker Raj, taking him away to The Dumping Ground (Ashdene Ridge).

Destination- Dumping Ground

Arrival at Ashdene Ridge

When Bailey arrived at Ashdene Ridge, he was portrayed as a gobby, stuck-up boy with caring about no-body but himself. He befriended Floss who Bailey called her ginger nut, leaving her upset. Later in the day, Bailey made enemies with Carmen Howle and Johnny Taylor as they were rude to him and called him rubbish. Bailey doesn't show any emotion- instead he just takes them on. Later in the episode, in a unseen scene, Bailey is seen crying his eyes out, and praying, that his mum or dad will make up and then he can leave.